Chef InSpec 5.7.9 Released!

Hello InSpec friends!
We are delighted to announce the availability of version 5.7.9 of Chef InSpec. Changes include:

New Features

  • Enable SSL-based authentication over WinRM. (#5793)
  • Added resource_id property in the base class resources and also added to the JSON-based reporters. (#5875, #5890)
  • Added the ipnat resource. (#5883)
  • Added the ipfilter resource. (#5880)
  • Added progress-bar real-time reporter. (#5863)
  • Added ability to declare and install gem dependencies part of the profile metadata file. (#5871)
  • Added the cron resource, a compatibility alias for the crontab resource. (#5891)
  • Added a resource code generator, inspec init resource. (#5913)


  • Added target_id sourced from train to the reporter interface. (#5895)
  • Added new properties and matchers to the firewalld resources. (#5597)
  • Added lazy_instance option to FilterTable, allowing plural resource definitions to conveniently access the resource instance with the lazy-loading columns (#5916)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed --no-diff option when the message contains a newline. (#5884)
  • Fixed the inspec automate version command to work properly. (#5893)

Breaking Changes

  • InSpec is now based on Ruby 3. You may need to reinstall plugins and gem dependencies of plugins.
  • Removed legacy AWS and Azure resources from InSpec core. Since 2018, active development on these resources was part of the resource packs, and these old versions are not maintained. (#5915)
  • Deprecated the --target-id CLI option. (#5918)

Get the Build

You can download binaries directly from Chef Downloads.