Chef InSpec 4.56.17 Released!

Hello InSpec friends!
We are delighted to announce the availability of version 4.56.17 of Chef InSpec. Changes include:

New Features

  • Added timezone resource. (#5758)
  • Added user_permissions property and be_inherited matcher to the registry_key resource. (#5778)
  • Added user_permissions property and be_inherited matcher to the file resource for Windows.
  • Added kernel_parameters resource. (#5782)
  • Added support for streaming reporter plugins. (#5829)


  • Added esx platform support to the bash resource. (#5785)
  • Added ability to check whether a package is latest in the package resource. (#5771)
  • Added option to ignore rule comments in the ip_table resource. (#5777)
  • Simplify inheritance of core resources into custom resources. (#5816)
  • Added target_id sourced from train back to the reporter interface. (#5917)
  • Added new properties and matchers to the firewalld resources. (#5919)
  • Added lazy_instance option to FilterTable, allowing plural resource definitions to conveniently access the resource instances with the lazy-loading columns. (#5922)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed parsing of multiline results in the mssql_session resource. (#5776)
  • Fixed an issue with the package resource when matching certain version numbers. (#5797)
  • Ensure that the CLI option, --insecure works with dependent profiles loaded with self-signed SSL certificates. (#5799)
  • Fixed grub_conf resource to capture non-indented grub conf values. (#5810)
  • Fixed sestatus: command not found error on Amazon Linux 2. (#5828)
  • Fixed --no-diff option when the message contains only one newline. (#5884)
  • Fixed the inspec automate version command to work properly. (#5893)

Breaking Changes

  • Drop testing support for EOL Ruby 2.5. (#5783)

Get the Build

You can download binaries directly from Chef Downloads.