Chef-manage error after upgrade

Hello, I just upgraded from to the latest version of chef-infra-server on CentOS-8 did a chef-ctl-reconfigure chef-manage and I am unable to reach chef-manage now. Getting the following error in my browser.

What versions of the chef-server and chef-manage packages are installed?

I hope what you mean here is chef-server-ctl reconfigure. For chef-manage reconfigure command is chef-manage-ctl reconfigure. Also check the status of services for chef-manage using chef-manage-ctl status command.

Also if you ssh to your chef-server and check the logs /var/logs/chef-manage/web/current and check what is the coming at the backend.

Can you run rpm -qa | grep chef on the server to show what versions of of all the packages are installed, including the chef-manage package?