Chef management on Openstack

Hi All,

Can you please help me answering below query.

I want to know that how we can auto-scale the amazon infrastructure through chef like if one ec2 instance down automatically or manually it is replaced by similar instance ??

Secondly, please advise me the tutorial and web link if you have on how to manage openstack through chef server and what are the thing required to setup it as i already installed openstack vm on my laptop. ??


Hi! There are a handful of ways to interact with OpenStack.

I’d first start with knife-openstack then move to kitchen-openstack to help your cookbook development.

Though if you are running OpenStack on a VM on your laptop, you’ll be doing virtualization inside virtualization, which really isn’t a good example of what OpenStack could do.

I suggest building an OpenStack instance on another machine/desktop/server then using knife-openstack to connect to it.