Openstack administration with chef


I want to manage OpenStack Instances and the infrastructure around such an Instance through Chef.
I know how to manage the Instance itself (chef-provisioning-fog). But I also want to be able to manage security groups and such - possibly - through the provisioning recipe. That way the security groups I create per Instance are “attached” to that machine in the config as well. I know I can use knife-openstack to manage those settings from the command line but I want to be able to test security groups and keep them in my git repo along with my other cookbooks. Is this possible solely through a Chef recipe? Probably a provisioning recipe?



You might be looking for something like this.

Probably, you can use that fog library in ruby_block or make new custom resources yourself.


I know that gem. I have already programmed Openstack tools with it. I was hoping that there is already a chef lwrp for this though.