Knife Azurerm Firewall

We are trying to provision a windows 2012 image on Azure and we can create the vm but the firewall is turned on and we can’t seem to boostrap the server. Has anybody had this problem and if so what is the solution. I am at a loss and am beginning to think we have to create an image and upload it.

@mhugley knife azurerm server create command bootstraps your VM through cloud-api protocol using the azure-chef-extension by default. You don’t need to manually bootstrap it separately. Hope this helps!

@mhugley, are you creating the VM from Azure portal and then trying to bootstrap it using knife bootstrap azurerm <server> command?
Or are you using knife azurerm server create command. In case of the latter, @Ali’s solution is sufficient.

Please share more details about the steps that you are following.

I would like to use Ali’s way of knife azurerm server create but the windows firewall is on when trying to create a server in Azure so port 5985 is blocked so it doesn’t finish. What are your thoughts on fixing that? If there is another way can you please provide an example.