Chef-server 12.1.0 getting 401 after restoring from a backup


I have a chef server (12.1.0) with opscode-manage and I would like to backup everything (config, db etc…) to restore on an a new server (still with 12.1.0)

On the old server I have backed-up and gunziped

  • the entire postresql (dump)
  • /etc/opscode
  • /var/opt/opscode

On the new server I have extracted and rsync -a (to preserver ownerships) everything, imported the DB and done a reconfigure.

I checked in the DB and all the orgs and users are there.

Chef manage UI shows UP but I get 401 everytime a rest requests hit the server

For example on the signup page this request when checking the mail:

2018-03-20_17:50:11.41996 Started GET "/signup/validity/email?" for at 2018-03-20 17:50:11 +0000
2018-03-20_17:50:11.42245 Processing by SessionsController#validate_signup as JSON
2018-03-20_17:50:11.42249   Parameters: {"value"=>"", "type"=>"email"}
2018-03-20_17:50:11.45565 HTTP Request Returned 401 Unauthorized: error
2018-03-20_17:50:11.45619 401 "Unauthorized"

I don’t get more info and doesn’t tell me the root of the issue… just that it gets 401

Can someone help me debug this ? Which log is going to be helpful here ? postres, ngix and rabbitmq logs are all without errors.

Thank you!