Chef backup/restore resets user passwords


Hey guys,

I am trying to backup and restore using the chef-server-ctl command from server 1 to server 2. I have SSH access to both. I am running chef server version and chef manage on both.

Server 1 has 1 org and 3 users created in it. When I back it up and restore the tarball on server 2, I see that all the users and the orgs are carried over which is what exactly I want. But when I try to login through the manage UI, I get a 401 unauthorized error (in the logs) - I am using the same username and password (as logging into Server 1) but server 2 doesn’t let me login.

Am I missing something here? Is there a way to make this work through “chef-server-ctl restore”?

from the logs -
INFO - HTTP Request Returned 401 Unauthorized: error
INFO - ** [Raven] User excluded error: #<Net::HTTPServerException: 401 “Unauthorized”>
ERROR – : 401 “Unauthorized”


You should reinstall chef-manage
chef-server-ctl install chef-manage
and reconfigure again