Chef Server 12.19.26 has been released


Chef Server 12.19.26 is out and available on the downloads site.

This release is a relatively minor update. Most of the major changes
are to our Habitat packages for Chef Server (thus the minor version
bump), but we've made some updates for the Omnibus package as well.

General changes:

  • oc_erchef and bookshelf now support TLS options.
  • Updated project code of conduct
  • Code cleanups

Omnibus specific changes:

  • Add request id to nginx log
  • Chef Client updated to 14.5.33
  • Ruby 2.5.3
  • Update Erlang to
  • Cleanup ruby packages

Habitat package changes:

  • Keygen_timeout bumped to 5s
  • TLS support for oc_erchef and bookshelf services
  • chef-server-ctl supports more commands under habitat
  • chef-server-ctl can uses TLS to communicate with the server.