Chef-server 12.3.1 on debian wheezy? (behaviour chef_object undefined)

I’m trying to build chef-server 12.3.1 on debian wheezy, and running into:

===> Compiling oc_chef_authz
===> Compiling /var/cache/omnibus/src/oc_erchef/_build/default/lib/oc_chef_authz/src/oc_chef_group.erl failed
/var/cache/omnibus/src/oc_erchef/_build/default/lib/oc_chef_authz/src/oc_chef_group.erl:11: behaviour chef_object undefined

Which looks like a “please don’t make me learn another language!” type error.

Does this look like a familiar issue to anybody? Thanks!

Debian is not a supported platform for Chef Server at this time. Adding new platform support is not something I would recommend if you don’t want to learn Erlang. That said, the error is more likely in one of the rebar configs than something related to Debian.

I think you may be hitting this:

We never merged that fix because we couldn’t reproduce it; however, it
seems like you might be able to help us revisit it.



Software Development Engineer, Platform Engineering
Chef Software, Inc

Looks like a winner! I’m not in a position to test the resulting .deb right now, but I have a successful build after merging 7e66f25 from above. Thanks!