Status of the Open Source Chef Server 11.1 Release

Hello Everyone,

I’m one of the software engineers at Chef and for a while now I’ve been
involved in getting the next release of the open source server, 11.1,
ready and out the door. I realize that 11.1 was promised long ago and
we’ve been remiss in not getting it out sooner. For that I apologize. We
are working to improve our processes so that we don’t have delays like
this in the future.

On to 11.1. We’re currently in the testing phase. If all continues to go
well we’ll be cutting a release candidate early next week with the goal
of the release landing later in the week.

All the builds we do of the open source server land in a public s3
bucket and are accessible with the omnitruck API
( Currently nightlies exist
for the 11.1 release for all our supported platforms. These are labeled
11.1.0-beta and will have a timestamp appended. If you feel like it, you
can go ahead and install the nightlies and drop us feedback. Just be
aware we’re still working out a few bugs, particularly around the new
chef-server-ctl upgrade process.

We’ve kept a detailed changelog for this release, which can be found

Highlights of the release include full IPv6 support, the addition of the
chef-server-ctl upgrade command, and a change back to the gecode
depsolver from the erlang one.

Again, feel free to send any feedback you have. I can personally be
reached at mm at getchef dot com if you want to drop me feedback
directly. We’re hopeful this release fixes many of the issues you may
have. We’re going to work to get better at releasing more often so that
delays like this don’t happen again.


Mark Mzyk