Chef Server 12.7.0 Released

Ohai Chefs!

I’m pleased to announce that today we’ve released Chef Server 12.7.0. This release is
mostly a bugfix release, but includes some great new administration features around
service credential rotation [1] that have been added by Ryan Cragun, who has also been
added as an official Chef Server maintainer!

In addition to all the bug fixes, this is the first Chef Server release to officially
support the PowerPC platform. Scott Hain will be making a longer-form blog post about
this work on the Chef blog in the near future, so stay tuned there for updates.

Last but not least, this release includes some small tweaks to the /users API that
allow the Chef Manage SAML single sign on feature to work. This feature was released
as Early Access in Manage 2.4.0 and Delivery 0.4.437. If you’re interested in trying
this out, you can get in touch with Megan Gleason ( for more information.

For further details on the bugs and issues fixed in this release, please see the full Chef
Server CHANGELOG [2].