Chef Workstation 0.17.5 Released!

We are delighted to announce the availability of version 0.17.5 of Chef Workstation.

Updated Components

Chef InSpec 4.18.100

Chef InSpec has been updated to 4.18.100 to fix the following bugs:

  • We fixed a problem in which the sudo password would appear to be ignored even if provided.
  • We resolved an issue in which profiles could not be fetched from an Automate server.
  • The release property of the platform resource no longer breaks for Chef Habitat with Linux.

Test Kitchen 2.4.0

Test Kitchen has been updated to 2.4.0. This update will now pass the CHEF_LICENSE environmental variable, if it is set, from the host workstation to any created machines. The CHEF_LICENSE environmental variable is
used to accept the required EULA. Any environmental variables on the host machine that start with TKENV_ will also be passed to created machines with that prefix removed.

The base verifier was updated to support a downloads configuration. This configuration will download files from the created machines to the host machine after running verification. It expects a hash from locations on the created machine to locations on the host machine:

  "/tmp/kitchen/nodes": "./test/fixtures"

Get the Build

If you are running the Chef Workstation toolbar application you can download this version from the menu after the app next update check. You can also download binaries directly from

As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us directly or share your email. Thanks for using Chef Workstation!