ChefDK 2.0.28 vs Chef server 12.5.1 incompatibility

I’m using the latest version of ChefDK in my workstation. While my organization is using Chef version 12.5.1. It is reported by our architects that knife version 13.2 and 12.17.* are incompatible with 12.5.1, it seems the databags are getting corrupted. However, the oldest supported version of ChefDK is 12.18.*. So, is there a work around to use the latest version of Chefdk with Chef 12.5.1 or is there any supported versions, that I could use for the purpose?

Thanks and Regards.

We’ve not had any reports of data bag problems, and so would need a lot more data to help you out here. Please file a bug at and detail what you’re uploading, what you’re seeing on the client, and any other information you can think of.