Connectivity issue with workstation of chef hosted server as well as bootstrapping issue with workstation

I am using windows 7 machine as a workstation and chef hosted server as a server,
I have executed command .

1.Knife ssl fetch/check.

It run well.

But at next step when i upload a cookbook to the server using command.

2…knife cookbook upload myrecipe…

It takes time and then gives error as cannt connect , retrying.

Also same issue happens when i bootstrap my node .
I use command as.

  1. . knife bootstrap -x root -P pass -N module1
    With or without sudo at end .
    Please help me in resolving issue.

Os - windows 7.
Server- hosted chef
Version- latest chefdk

Looks like you are using the “vanilla” knife bootstrap command. With windows, you want to use the knife bootstrap windows winrm command available via the knife-windows gem. See for details.