Cookbook Releases 3/14


Ohai Chefs!

Happy “date that people relate to the mathematical constant π” day! :slight_smile:

We have a few cookbook releases to announce. Some of these are a week or so old but didn’t go out because finding mail in my drafts folder is hard.

Notable releases this week:

  1. Oracle Java will now install the latest version.
  2. The “users” cookbook now includes handling for “chef-solo-search” cookbook and Chef 11 attribute assignment.
  3. The runit cookbook will now update the “run” script if it’s changed.


application_python v1.1.0:

  • [COOK-2330] - tries to use non-existant String#upper method
  • [COOK-2337] - It should be possible to pass environment variables
    through to gunicorn and celery supervisor configs
  • [COOK-2403] - cookbook attribute expects argument to be a string
  • [COOK-2453] - application_python should allow the working directory
    of gunicorn processes to be set via an attribute
  • [COOK-2475] - celerybeat supervisor process is unnecessarily configured
  • [COOK-2484] - virtualenv and requirements are installed as root
    instead of uid/gid specified by application properties

fail2ban v1.2.0:

  • [COOK-2292] - Add fail2ban support for RHEL using EPEL
  • [COOK-2426] - Fail2ban cookbook needs syslog tunables in config file
  • Development repository only: test kitchen 1.0.alpha support

java v1.10.0:

  • [COOK-2400] - Allow java ark :url to be https
  • [COOK-2436] - Upgrade needed for oracle jdk in java cookbook

munin v1.2.0:

  • [COOK-2103] - Name the munin-hosts by fqdn instead of pure hostname
  • [COOK-2182] - FC043 - prefer new notification syntax in munin cookbook
  • [COOK-2137] - SmartOS support for Munin
  • [COOK-2140] - nginx template server_name incorrect

openssl v1.0.2:

  • Add name attribute to metadata

reprepro v0.3.0:

  • [COOK-2111] - Add LWRP for reprepro interactions. Allow attribute
    driven configuration

runit v1.1.0:

  • [COOK-2353] - Runit does not update run template if the service is
    already enabled
  • [COOK-2497] - add :nothing to allowed actions

users v1.4.0:

  • [COOK-2479] - Permit users cookbook to work with chef-solo if
    edelight/chef-solo-search is installed
  • [COOK-2486] - specify precedence when setting node attribute

Joshua Timberman
Technical Community Manager, Opscode, Inc
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