Cookstyle 3.0 Released!

Hey everyone,

Today we made a major release of Cookstyle with the update of the underlying RuboCop engine. This release also enables a large number new rules that have become available since we last updated the RuboCop engine. This 3.0 release is available on Rubygems today, and will be included in the upcoming ChefDK 3.0 release.

What’s new:

The RuboCop engine has been updated from 0.49 to 0.55 in this release of Cookstyle. This fixes a very large number of bugs and may lead to new warnings being shown for existing rules. Additionally the names of many rules were changed which may require updating your .rubocop.yml files if you previously disabled these rules.

Newly Enabled Cops:

  • Bundler/InsecureProtocolSource
  • Layout/EmptyComment
  • Layout/EmptyLinesAroundArguments
  • Lint/BigDecimalNew
  • Lint/BooleanSymbol
  • Lint/InterpolationCheck:
  • Lint/RedundantWithIndex
  • Lint/RedundantWithObject
  • Lint/RegexpInCondition
  • Lint/ShadowedArgument
  • Lint/UnneededCopEnableDirective
  • Lint/UnneededRequireStatement
  • Lint/UriRegexp
  • Performance/UnneededSort
  • Performance/UriDefaultParser
  • Style/MinMax
  • Style/RedundantConditional
  • Style/TrailingBodyOnMethodDefinition
  • Style/UnpackFirst