Cookstyle 7.3 released with 2 new Chef cops!

Hey folks,

We have a great little release of Cookstyle out today with 2 new Chef Infra cops, an updated RuboCop engine, and plenty of fixes.

RuboCop 1.5.0

RuboCop has been updated to 1.5.0, which includes bug fixes and improvements for many of RuboCop's built in Ruby cops.

2 New Chef Infra Cops


The Chef/Deprecations/ChefSugarHelpers cop detects cookbooks that use helpers from the deprecated chef-sugar project that have not been moved into the Chef Infra Client itself. Chef Sugar functionality was mostly merged into Chef Infra Client, but we do not plan to move some helpers with limited or dated value.

Legacy Helpers
  • vagrant_key?
  • vagrant_domain?
  • vagrant_user?
  • require_chef_gem
  • best_ip_for(node)
  • nexus?
  • ios_xr?
  • ruby_20?
  • ruby_19?
  • includes_recipe?('foo::bar')
  • wrlinux?
  • dev_null
  • nexentacore_platform?
  • opensolaris_platform?
  • nexentacore?
  • opensolaris?


The Chef/Deprecations/DeprecatedYumRepositoryActions cop detects legacy yum_repository actions replaced with the release of Chef Infra Client 12.14 and the yum cookbook 3.0.

Legacy Actions
  • :add -> :create
  • :delete -> :remove

Other Improvements

  • The Lint/SendWithMixinArgument cop has been disabled as the correction necessary to resolve the warning is not clear.
  • The Chef/Modernize/RespondToProvides now checks custom resources for .respond_to?(:provides).
  • The Chef/Modernize/ActionMethodInResource cop has been updated to skip HWRPs where it would cause errors in some releases of Chef Infra Client.
  • Cookstyle now skips additional files when executing cops in order to speed up Cookstyle scan times.
  • Fixed a failure running Chef/Style/CommentSentenceSpacing.
  • The Chef/Deprecations/DeprecatedChefSpecPlatform cop has been updated to detect ChefSpec tests using macOS 10.13 and Debian 8 Fauxhai data, which is now deprecated.