Cookstyle 5.17 released with 3 new Chef cops!

Hey everyone,

Cookstyle 5.17 is now up on with 3 new cops and some nice improvements to two of the existing cops. This brings the total number of Chef cops to 156! Happy new years everyone.

3 New Cops


The ChefModernize/DslIncludeInResource cop detects resources and providers that include either the Chef::DSL::Recipe or Chef::DSL::IncludeRecipe classes. Starting with Chef Infra Client 12.4+ this is done automatically for each resource and provider.


The ChefRedundantCode/AptRepositoryNotifiesAptUpdate cop detects apt_repository resources that notify an execute resource to run apt-get update. Updating apt cache is performed automatically when the apt_repository makes any updates to the repository config and doesn't need to be performed again afterward.


The ChefRedundantCode/AptRepositoryDistributionDefault cop detects apt_repository resources that set the distribution property to node['lsb']['codename'] which is the default and does not need to be set in cookbook code.

Other fixes and changes

  • The ChefModernize/IncludingMixinShelloutInResources cop now also detects resources that require chef/mixin/powershell_out or include Chef::Mixin::PowershellOut as these are both performed by default in Chef Infra Client 12.4+
  • The ChefCorrectness/InvalidPlatformMetadata now analyzes support metadata that is defined with an array and a loop in metadata.rb