Meeting notes for Jan 2, 2020

Notes for this week’s meeting are below. Two quick notes!

  • We won’t be having this meeting next week, as Chef is having a week-long all-hands meeting.
  • The Sous-chefs meeting has moved to Thursdays directly after the community meeting, in an attempt to find a better timeslot.


benny Vasquez shared

With 50% of the team out for the holidays over the last couple weeks, it’s a short recap from the DevRel team!

This week’s releases

With so many folks out, we obviously didn’t have a huge number of releases


tas50 shared

Also Cookstyle 5.17 was released with 3 new cops and improvements to existing cops

Other Community releases

tas50 shared

The Sous Chefs released haproxy 8.1 which supports haproxy 2.1 FastCGI applications.

Other updates


Alex pop shared

We had a number of Automate folks on vacation at the end of the year. The rest of us focused on tying up loose ends.
We got very close on wrapping up the waivers support in the Automate API.
An interesting bug was reported by a customer. Compliance dashboard started showing 10 times more nodes and controls on December 31st. We jumped on it right away and merged a fix before the end of the year.


cwolfe shared

The InSpec Team is up to:

  • Reducing complexity in the inspec internals
  • Working on telemetry opt-in
  • added waiver support to the audit cookbook
  • Fixing file resource symlink behavior


afune shared

We have been a bit quiet from the workstation side of things, doing some house keeping work and getting ready to make some planning for the current new year 2020

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

Expect Chef 15.7 in the near future and then we’ll be forking off master for Chef 16 work.

We’re working on rolling out Ruby 2.7 testing to all our libraries so we can flip over to Ruby 2.7 when we fork for Chef 16. So far everything looks great and it’s been very easy to add since we just use the upstream ruby containers for testing now.

We’ve also done releases of all our libraries in the last few weeks to switch from require to require_relative which requires fewer directory listings and should give us a minor speed bump loading our apps on Windows where those listings are quite expensive

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

Hello! For chef-server we are working on adding the release test matrix to the build pipeline, so it will not have to be a manual effort before the release. And in getting internal elasticsearch working instead of solr might help in shutting off some of the services that will no longer be needed (like rabbitmq and opscode-expander) Work is in progress to get that going.

tas50 shared

For those not tracking the chef-server repo we’ve gone from a very difficult entirely manual release validation process to a nice automated release validation process. this should give us the confidence to rapidly release new chef-server versions, and improve the quality of the product hugely.

Sous Chefs

Xorima shared

I've not made it to the pub yet so yes ... We are still working on bringing keepalived into custom resources (help would be appreciated), @markgibbons has released Line recently and a few minor releases elsewhere for bug fixes such as Grafana

Sous are always looking for people to contribute as well, so please come along, our next meeting is in 40 mins in #sous-chefs

See you in two weeks!

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