Cookstyle 7 Released!

Hey everyone,

Yesterday we shipped a new release of Cookstyle with a major version bump due to changes to the format of the cop names. We hope you enjoy the improved naming structure this gives Cookstyle and we'll see you next week with a new release that includes some new cops.

New Cop Naming Format

Cookstyle 7.0 upgrades to the RuboCop 1.1 engine. This new release of RuboCop has enabled us to improve the naming scheme for Cookstyle cops. Previously all Cookstyle cops started with Chef and then included the description of what the department actually did such as ChefDeprecations, which was for deprecation cops. Cop names are now three parts instead of two so ChefDeprecations/SomeCop becomes Chef/Deprecations/SomeCop. Why the change? Using this format makes it much easier to enable just the Chef specific cops in Cookstyle without having to list each individual department. Now you can run cookstyle --only Chef to see just Chef Infra related cops without the additional few hundred Ruby specific cops provided by RuboCop. Cookstyle will automatically migrate any comments to the new department names, but anything in your .rubocop.yml will need to be updated manually.

New Name Mapping

  • ChefCorrectness -> Chef/Correctness
  • ChefDeprecations -> Chef/Deprecations
  • ChefEffortless -> Chef/Effortless
  • ChefModernize -> Chef/Modernize
  • RedundantCode -> Chef/RedundantCode
  • ChefSharing -> Chef/Sharing
  • ChefStyle -> Chef/Style