Cookstyle 7.1 released with 2 new Chef cops!

Hey folks,

It's that time of the week again. Time for new a new release of Cookstyle with more cleanup of legacy cookbooks. This time we've added 2 new Chef Infra cops, 1 new Ruby cop, and improved many of the existing cops.

RuboCop 1.2.0

RuboCop has been updated to 1.2.0, which includes bug fixes and improvements for many of RuboCop's built in Ruby cops.

2 New Chef Infra Cops


The Chef/Deprecations/FoodcriticTesting cop detects cookbooks with a Gemfile that requires Foodcritic or any code, such as a Rakefile/Guardfile, that requires the Foodcritic gem. Foodcritic is no longer supported and has been significantly eclipsed in functionality by Cookstyle. Any existing Rakefile or Guardfile tests for Foodcritic should be updated to use Cookstyle instead.

Enabled by default: True

Autocorrects: False


The Chef/Deprecations/LibrarianChefSpec cop detects ChefSpec tests that require the legacy chefspec/librarian library. Librarian Chef is no longer supported and users should migrate to Berkshelf or Policyfiles.

Enabled by default: True

Autocorrects: True

1 New Ruby Cop

The Style/CollectionCompact cop detects code that removes nil values from Hashes or Arrays using a Ruby block when this can be done with the compact method instead.

Enabled by default: True

Autocorrects: True


Overly complex nil removals:

array.reject { |e| e.nil? } { |e| !e.nil? }

Simpler nil removal:


Other Improvements

  • The Chef/Modernize/UseMultipackageInstalls cop no longer fails if the when condition uses a Regex instead of a String.
  • The Chef/Modernize/UseMultipackageInstalls cop detects overly complex arrays of package resources if the when condition contains code other than the package resources.