Delivery job verify unit - Git Command failed *** Please tell me who you are

While attempting to run the verify phase of the tutorial, I'm running into an issue with git config. The error is shown in the image below. I've attempted to set the my and on both the build node and the delivery server having restarted both the delivery service and the opscode-push-jobs-client service.

Can you assist in helping me figure out what needs the proper git config?

Hi there, sorry to see you’re having trouble.

This message appears when git hasn’t been specifically configured with an email address to use in author information, and when its’ fallback approach to generate an email address fails to generate a valid one. Most of the time in Delivery installs git’s fallback works, however if the build node’s hostname doesn’t have a TLD (.com, .net, .lan, .io etc…) then it doesn’t work (since dbuild@build-node-test-1 isn’t a legal email address).

There’s a couple different ways you can work through this. You could try setting a domain name on your node (specifics of how to do this vary by OS) or alternatively you can edit the system gitconfig file to explicitly specify a valid-looking email address. This file usually lives at /etc/gitconfig, and you would need to add something like the following lines:

    email =

Hope this helps!

I’ve had a as well as a configured in the ~/.gitconfig file on the build node. That was set as a result of using the --global switch on the git config command.

That did not seem to help. Your second suggestion of setting the hostname did the trick but now I’m curious, what git command(s) is the build node executing? Do the directories in the build node compromise a chef repo?