New releases of delivery-truck and delivery-sugar

We’re happy to announce availability of delivery-truck 2.0.4 and delivery-sugar 1.0.0. The releases include these enhancements:

We have added two new helpers for handling applications to delivery-sugar. These are for use in build cookbooks. The functions are define_project_application and get_project_application, are defined in delivery_change.rb. Complete documentation about these helpers will be published with the upcoming dependencies management release.

We have restructured delivery-truck in preparation for the dependencies management release in March. The changes should be non-impactful and are intended to be backward compatible, but if you experience any issues with version pinnings using the new release of delivery-truck, please let us know.

A specific enhancement in this new version is the ability to manage authentication to Supermarket via a databag. The Publish phase in Delivery already has the ability to publish to Supermarket; however, it’s previously relied on credentials in the build node’s knife.rb to authenticate. Now by adding ‘supermarket-custom-credentials’ => true to the delivery-truck publish hash in config.json, delivery-truck can use the ‘supermarket_user’ and ‘supermarket_key’ from the project secrets databag.