New Release Process for delivery-sugar & delivery-truck

Hello Chefs!!

If you are one of our awesome customers that are using Chef Automate Workflow (Delivery) this will be of your interest!

As of today, most of the build_cookbooks for cookbook projects depends on delivery-truck and the way they consume it is pulling from Github. This was the right thing to do since internally at Chef we released new changes by pushing to Github in Delivered. But this is about to change! :smile:

Today we are starting our two weeks notice so you can be prepared to consume the modifications we are going to do in the release process for delivery-truck & delivery-sugar.

New Release Process

On August 9th we will change the release process as follow:

  • Approved changes will be pushed to Github in Acceptance. That means that some unstable changes could land in master before we actually release the new version.
  • When we hit Deliver, our pipeline will release the cookbook to our Public Supermarket. This is the version you should be using since it means that we have fully tested the version and is stable to be consumed.

What actions do you need to take?

If you are using delivery-sugar or delivery-truck on any build_cookbook within your organization, you have change the way it pulls these cookbooks by modifying the Berksfile inside your build_cookbook. Take a look at the file and delete any of these two entries:

cookbook 'delivery-truck',
  git: '',
  branch: 'master'

cookbook 'delivery-sugar',
  git: '',
  branch: 'master'

Your Berksfile should looks as simple as:

source ''


NOTE: This might change if you are behind a proxy or you have an internal supermarket.

If you happen to have any issues or questions please reach out to me directly to help you with this transition: