Discourse.chef.io cookie is 2.9GB?

Hi, i got a warning from Chrome today that some sites were taking up too much space. Not really sure what that meant, but i clicked on "clean up data", and the discourse.chef.io cookie is 2.9GB? It's by far the largest item. Is this as it should be?

That's certainly not what I'm seeing. My cookies in total are only 97kb, and I haven't cleared them yet this year. Definitely seems like a fluke. I'd recommend clearing that cookie, restarting chrome, and see if it happens again. If so, I'll want to take it up with the Discourse folks.

i cleared it and it's blown up again:

I reached out to the Discourse folks and they confirmed it's a bug. They've given it a high priority, and are working on correcting it quickly. Until it's corrected, you'll have to continue to clear the cookies. I'll keep an eye out for the fix to be released by tracking their releases forum and try to reply here when I see it come out.

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