Error saving node from webui (chef 0.10.2)


I’ve just installed chef-server from the opscode ubuntu 10.10 packages.
I’ve created a cookbook. Also a role that contains the cookbook in its
From the webui edit node view I just set the role in a node, save the node and
I see this error:

merb : chef-server-webui : worker (port 4040) ~ Unable to create
Chef::RunList::RunListItem from NilClass:nil: must be a Hash or String -

My chef-server version is 0.10.2-2 in ubuntu 10.10.

And this is the put request from the merb log

merb : chef-server-webui : worker (port 4040) ~ Params: {“format”=>nil,
“submit”=>“Save Node”, “attributes”=>"", “action”=>“update”, “_method”=>“put”,
“chef_environment”=>"_default", “id”=>“xxxx”, “controller”=>“nodes”}

being xxxx my node name

Any help?