Knife user creation for chefdk - missing create permission

Hi ,

i am ruining a chef server with version 12.17.33.
with the chef server i am managing the chef cookbooks etc on the Sign In - Chef Manage .

i want to create another strong admin user , and i used this command :
knife user create idanp idanp idan pinto PASSWORD --admin

i am getting the error below and i understand the permission problem :

ERROR: You authenticated successfully to Sign In - Chef Manage as admin but you are not authorized for this action.
Response: missing create permission

i google it and search for the problem for few days and tried to add permission
knife acl add group admins containers clients create but without any success.
on my chef manage i can see that my user as permission on everything and still i don't find the solution's.

i will be glad for answers of users that faced this issue before .

Thanks in advance ,