For how long will Chef support ServerSpec audit recipes?

Does anybody know for how long Chef will continue to support audit recipes written in ServerSpec?


My company got started using ServerSpec to write audit recipes for our cookbook recipes. We have not yet made the switch to InSpec, although I understand InSpec is the direction Chef would like us to move it.

I’m just trying to get a rough sense of the time frame within which we need to make the switch across the enterprise. We have gotten great results from requiring our Chefs to write audit recipes in ServerSpec for each of their cookbooks.

On the maintainers side it hasn’t really caused us a ton of problems so while I wouldn’t expect any major improvements, I don’t think there are specific plans to remove it. At a minimum it would be in Chef 14 which will be in April 2018 but no one has proposed removing it so far.

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Good to hear. Thank you, @coderanger!