Audit Cookbook 3.0.0

Hello, fellow InSpec community members!

Audit cookbook 3.0 is audit cookbook github. Although it comes with a new major release number, it is a smooth upgrade from audit cookbook 2.0. Nevertheless we optimized the audit cookbook for air-gapped environments and Chef 13.

Before audit cookbook 3.0, the cookbook tried to install the inspec gem every time it was executed. This was a hassle, especially if used in an air-gapped environment. Even if a local installation of the inspec gem was available, the audit cookbook tried to install it. With 3.0 we only install InSpec if it is not already installed. If an installation is required, we’ll install the latest version by default. This is also a preparation for Chef 13, which will ship with the inspec gem out-of-the box.

Thanks to our awesome community members for providing us continuous feedback! Drop into the #inspec channel in the Chef Community Slack and let us know about your great new idea or enhancement.


  • Chris