FOSDEM 2012: Configuration & Systems Management DevRoom

Call for Papers - FOSDEM 2012

Call for talks for the Configuration & Systems Management DevRoom at

Configuration Management DevRoom -

FOSDEM 2012 -

4th & 5th of February (date TBD) 2012, 09:00 to 17:00, Brussels, Belgium


We will be holding a Configuration Management DevRoom at FOSDEM 2012 and
are requesting abstracts for structured presentations now.

Important information, dates:

? Submission deadline for abstracts: 2011-12-31

? Notification of accepted speakers: 2012-01-05

? Final schedule: 2011-01-10

About this DevRoom

Configuration and Systems Management is in a renaissance. There is huge
interest in automation, monitoring, performance management,
configuration management, DevOps and the cloud. We’re seeking people
who are working in the field, interested in the field, or just
interested in learning more about how to manage infrastructure better,
cheaper and faster.

We invite you to submit talks on these topics:

  • Configuration and Systems Management theory & principles
  • Configuration and Systems Management tools - with an emphasis on real
    world use cases
  • Tools, techniques and case studies
  • The Cloud
  • Audit, Compliance and Security
  • DevOps

NOTE: Puppet Labs is helping organize this room but we’re looking for
talks on more than Puppet! We’re looking for talks on the cutting edge
of systems tools and configuration management. This is your opportunity
to show off your implementation, your tool or what your environment shine!


Nigel Kersten & James Turnbull