Goiardi 0.6.0 released, with Postgres support, Windows builds, and more

I am pleased to announced that a new version of goiardi, the chef server
written in go, has been released.

Goiardi v0.6.0 “Order of the Elephant” adds Postgres support, support for
the chef authentication protocol version 1.2, basic syslog support, a
"status" param to reporting so you can search for chef runs by their status
(started, success, and failure), more searchable parameters for event
logging, and some bug fixes.

To take advantage of the new reporting and event log features, there are
knife plugins available. The goiardi event log knife plugin is available at
https://github.com/ctdk/knife-goiardi-event-log or on rubygems, and I’ve
forked the chef reporting knife plugin at
https://github.com/ctdk/knife-goiardi-reporting to add support for the
goiardi reporting extension. This is also available through rubygems.

This release also comes with precompiled binaries for selected platforms.
They don’t come with any guarantees, but should work. The most interesting
ones are probably the Windows binaries - while I haven’t done a whole lot
with it, I have successfully run goiardi on Windows. If you’ve ever had a
burning desire to run a chef server on Windows, now’s your chance. Binaries
are also available for Mac OS X, Linux, Free|Net|OpenBSD, and
Solaris+friends (on x86-64). While Dragonfly BSD and plan9 are supported by
the native go compiler, they currently have issues with the postgres
library, so goiardi doesn’t work with them yet.

Release notes and binaries are available at
https://github.com/ctdk/goiardi/releases/tag/v0.6.0. The main github page
for goiardi is at https://github.com/ctdk/goiardi.

Thanks everyone,