Habitat and Docker Desktop

Habitat and Docker Desktop

What is changing? Docker has come up updates on product subscription model for Docker desktop and here are the details: Docker is Updating and Extending Our Product Subscriptions - Docker Blog

What does it mean for Habitat users? On a Mac, Habitat studio depends on docker desktop. On Windows, users can use the native studio without docker but docker is required on Windows in order to use the more isolated docker studio environment. On Linux, all users can continue to use Hab studio without depending on docker desktop. Any users who are using Habitat in MacOS or are using the docker studio on Linux or Windows would need to review the docker subscription model and adhere to the policies as mentioned on the page. Some users may have to move to a plan where they will have to pay for docker desktop to continue to use it.

Do we have a way to use Hab Studio without Docker Desktop? All users can continue to use Hab studio in a linux environment without a need to depend on Docker Desktop. Users can continue to use Hab studio on Windows without docker, but the environment will not have the level of isolation provided by the docker studio. For example, the non-docker Windows studio shares all system resources with the host (registry, DSC LCM, Services Manager, installed Apps, etc).

What If someone has a question? Please feel to reach out to friendly habitat team and community on our community slack here.
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