How to bootstrap 100 nodes at one time

I have 50 Virtual Nodes, and 50 AWS nodes. I just wanted to know if any there is any way to bootstrap all the nodes at a time by using single script(Chef Script/ Shell Script ).

Chef-provisioning has done wonders for me and bringing up server clusters.


Can you be more elaborative with your solution.

4 ways to manage the state of nodes.

Create a config file that contains all your nodes. Works with AWS and others. (Note it does not have a way to run knife node delete when destroying or recreating nodes).

Works well but is a little young and rough around the edges

Basically just a wrapper around the knife command.

  • Custom bash/powershell scripts

Best option if you are using HyperV, or other providers not supported by the above.
Put all nodes in a CSV, YAML, database, array or other structure, then just loop through it with knife bootstrap $i