How to install cookbook offline?

Is there a way to install chef cookbooks offline, because our servers are behind the firewall, by example this cookbook, i have uploaded to my Linux work station and unzipped it in: my /root/chef-repo/cookbooks but when i run knife cookbook upload line-cookbook-master i get this error:
ERROR: Could not find cookbook line-cookbook-master in your cookbook path, skipping it
Uploaded 0 cookbook.
Thank you for your help in advance.

Hi @nic_chef, you want to run locally the cookbook in your server ?

No, I want to uploaded from my Linux work station to the chef server, how do I do that? As per my previous message, the upload command did not work… That command works with cookbooks created locally on my work station but not the one I downloaded from the chef web site.

Try creating the cookbook with same name you downloaded and replace it with
the download. Then run the upload command it should work.

Keep in mind that the actual cookbook name can be different from the directory name. The canonical name is located in the cookbook’s metadata.rb in the name setting. I am guessing that you are using the line cookbook. If you download the tar.gz from that cookbook’s github site, the file is but the true cookbook name is line.

it worked using the correct name from the /root/chef-repo/cookbooks/line-cookbook-master/metadata.rb
Thank u everyone for your help!!!