How to make use of users in active directory via the command line



I have a chef server successfully connected to Active Directory.

Now I want to give users with an active directory account the possibility to bootstrap and edit nodes.

I want to use command line only.

How can the users login to the chef server via the command line with the active directory username and password so the chef server knows that the user exists?

How can I assign a public key to the user he has given to me in the chef server? (I guess I have to use sudo chef-server-ctl add-user-key --file-name --key-name )

How I give the user the permission to bootstrap nodes (I guess chef-server-ctl grant-server-admin-permissions is wrong, I don’t want to give all of them them permission to create new users etc.)

I’ve been googling for almost two hours now. Maybe I’m missing something obvious?
Can anyone please give some advice?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: