HTTPServerException: 412 Precondition Failed!

I am new to chef and was trying to run a cookbook when I got HTTPServerException: 412 Precondition Failed! The stacktrace is not very helpful and I am unable to locate any helpful solution on the net - so I decided to seek some help in this forum. Would someone please point me to some place where I can get a solution to this error? knife cookbook list lists all-nodes 0.1.0, chef-client 11.3.0, cron 6.2.1 and logrotate 2.2.0. The all-nodes is an example cookbook to deploy a web server on a node. Thanks in advance for your help in anticipation.

How are you trying to run a cookbook?
are you running chef-client locally or connected to chef server?
If running locally, is your current working directory contains the 'all-nodes' cookbook in the same directory?
If running by connecting to chef server, have you ensured the cookbook is uploaded to chef server using knife?


Hi Manohar,

thanks for the reply. Yes, I was able to figure out the missing steps and made some slow progress. Now I am almost at the final step, but ran into the problem: "Installing roles and features using Powershell Desired State Configuration is supported only on Server SKU's. It is not supported on Client SKU." - this is looking like a bad problem!!! :frowning: I am using a Windows10 Workstation, and was trying to deploy the IIS web server onto another Windows10 node!!! Any helpful tips is most welcome. My aim is to be able to automate the web server deployment using Chef. Thanks a lot!


Answering my own Q, I confirmed that it is not going to work on a Windows10 system - I need to use Windows Server! That will be my next course of action!