Improvements to chef-client updating with chef_client_updater and chef-client cookbooks

Hey Everyone!

Today we released both chef_client_updater and chef-client cookbooks with improvements to make upgrading your chef-client even easier. If you haven’t seen it already, chef_client_updater, is our new cookbook for upgrading your chef client. It includes a simple recipe and an updater resource for use in wrapper cookbooks. Today we released 1.1.0 with some great improvements. A huge thank you to Akira Kitada, who worked on both the cookbook and the mixlib-install gem to ensure the cookbook can work in air-gapped environments. The cookbook also includes a critical fix for an infinite loop that occurred when upgrading to the latest chef-client release, improved documentation, and alignment of the attributes in the recipe and the resource. For those using this cookbook with the chef-client cookbook on systemd based systems, we’ve changed the behavior of the systemd unit file. Previously chef-client was setup to restart on failure, which caused chef-client to never start back up when an upgrade occurred. The systemd unit file is now updated to restart on any exit, which aligns us with the behavior in upstart and allows for simple upgrades of chef-client on systemd distros.

As usual check them out and let us know if you have any issues.