InSpec 1.5.0 Release

Dear InSpec friends,

we released InSpec 1.5.0. We improved the support for Supermarket to show all available InSpec profiles:

inspec supermarket profiles

== Available profiles:

 * som3guy/apache-disa-stig
 * paulczar/rhel6-stig
 * alexpop/ec2-instance-profile
 * alexpop/ssl-certificate-profile
 * awim/inspec_oracledb
 * sliim/chef-client-hardening
 * awim/inspec_java
 * fraserpol/windows-web-server-basic-scan
 * dev-sec/nginx-hardening
 * dev-sec/cis-docker-benchmark
 * hardening/ssh-hardening
 * hardening/os-hardening
 * nathenharvey/tmp-compliance-profile

To execute a supermarket profile, just run inspec exec supermarket://dev-sec/nginx-hardening.

We also fixed:

and improved our documentation:

The full release notes are available here:

Thanks for using InSpec. Have a happy Thanksgiving.