InSpec v1.31.0 released!

Hello, InSpec friends! I’m happy to announce the release of InSpec v1.31.0. It includes the following goodies:

Implemented enhancements:

  • new resource: postgres_hba_conf resource supports auditing the pg_hba.conf file for PostgreSQL #1964 - thanks aaronlippold!
  • new resource: postgres_ident_conf resource supports auditing the pg_ident.conf file for PostgreSQL #1963 - thanks aaronlippold!
  • Add support TCP reachability checks in the host resource for CoreOS #1993

Fixed bugs:

  • Fix formatter when two profiles have the same name #1991
  • Fix host resolution on Darwin, use dig wherever possible #1986
  • updated postgres_session resource properly escape queries #1939 - thanks aaronlippold!

InSpec v1.31.0 can be found on, RubyGems, and the Habitat Depot. The release should hit Docker Hub shortly.

Also, the audit cookbook has recently seen an update. v4.1.0 is available which includes a bunch of bug fixes, including properly supporting profile inheritance for Chef Compliance. v4.1.0 also enforces a minimum InSpec version to ensure a great experience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop by the #inspec channel in the Chef Community Slack.