InSpec v1.30.0 released!

Hello, InSpec friends!

InSpec v1.30.0 is hot off the presses and include the following goodness:

Implemented enhancements:

  • Ensure docker resource works with docker 1.13+ #1966
  • Add rpm_dbpath support to the package resource #1960
  • Allow mysql resource to accept socket path #1933 - thanks to community member rshade!
  • add nginx_conf resource #1889
  • oracle_session and mssql_session improvement #1857

Fixed bugs:

  • Fix socket handling in mysql resource #1971
  • Fix typo in the version_from_dir method in postgres_session resource #1962 - thanks to community member aaronlippold!
  • make postgres resource working in mock runner (for inspec check) #1961
  • Fix directory resource output and exists check #1950
  • Fix postgres_conf ability to test parameters that have a dot in them #1938 - thanks to community member aaronlippold!

InSpec v1.30.0 is available in all the usual places:, RubyGems, the Habitat Depot, and Docker Hub.