changes and CHEF-4825 are live


Some major changes to were just shipped a few minutes ago.
There’s a chef ticket open which details all the changes:

Everything that worked before should continue to work (please cut a bug
if it doesn’t). The major visible changes are:

  • Fixes SuSE/OpenSUSE support
  • Fixes new versions of operating systems like Ubuntu 13.10 and Mac 10.9
  • Support for some variants like linuxmint that were difficult to do
    before, now supportable
  • Bug fixes for old Solaris
  • Conversion of from bash script to very old,
    sol9-compatible, /bin/sh heirloom shell syntax
  • now checksums the downloaded package via sha256 with a
    fallback to md5
  • Ability to track 10-stable via partial versions (11.8 or whatever also
    works if you want that):

curl -L | sudo bash -s – -v 10

  • Ability to save to a user-supplied filename instead of /tmp randomness:

curl -L | sudo bash -s – -f

I also open-sourced the code a few weeks back:

Docs are probably still out of date, will be fixing shortly…