Job Opportunity for DevOps/Chef/Linux/Systems Administrator


If it’s not ok to use the list this way I truly apologize. Please don’t
boot me, I can’t handle rejection :slight_smile:

Anyway, I work for Apollo Group in Phoenix, Arizona and we have a job
opening on my team for which they’re having issues finding good candidates.

We’re looking for folks with a Linux Systems Administration background,
strong scripting skills (Bash+{perl,python,ruby}), and Chef (of course
:)). Ruby skills are pretty easy to find but they seem to be primarily
focused on web application development, rails, etc. Our preferred
applicant would have those skills, but they would be coming from a systems
administration point of view as opposed to a web developer pov.

Basically, that’s a long way to describe needing a “DevOps” person. Just
some may not have heard that term or may define it differently. Our team
is in charge of automation, expansion to cloud providers, continuous
integration, etc. We stick to open source tools or build them ourselves.
If this sounds like the type of work you’re interested in, you love chef
(you know you do), and you live in Phoenix (or really want to) respond to
me directly @


Mike G.


On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 10:39 PM, Michael Glenney wrote:

If it’s not ok to use the list this way I truly apologize. Please don’t
boot me, I can’t handle rejection :slight_smile:

ZephirWorks is also seeking to hire another DevOps engineer.
We are a boutique consulting firm based in Milano, Italy; we work with
Chef and other interesting technologies (CloudFoundry, OpenStack).
As far as Chef is concerned, we help our customers (mostly in the
banking, publishing and telco industries) implement and manage Chef
for development teams (for continuous integration, and continuous
deployment of staging and preproduction) and operation teams.

The ideal candidate has a solid Linux background and some experience
with Ruby (or knows Python or Perl and is a fast learner); he or she
also has experience in managing and scaling application and database
servers (Tomcat, JBoss, MySQL…).
We would obviously prefer to find someone who is at least at an
intermediate level with Chef, and knows how to modify cookbooks or
write new ones; during the interview, be prepared to talk about LWRPs,
attribute-based search and so on.
Fluency in Italian is a must; if you are on this mailing list, I will
assume your English is good enough.

This is a good opportunity for people looking for a fun, young company
where they can improve their skills while working for important
clients. You can apply by email at