Knife-azure 1.1.4.rc.0 Release Candidate available for testing

Ohai again Chefs. We also have a knife-azure release candidate today – if
you’re an Azure user, please take a look at the issues list below for
changes that might interest you and give them a try, or just give it a
sanity run in your environment. Please report any issues with a ticket in

For testing, you’ll need to do the following instead of a gem install
(details on why at the end of the message):

gem install bundler # if it’s not already installed

git clone

cd knife-azure

bundle install

bundle exec knife azure server create -I
–azure-vm-size Medium --ssh-user youruser --identity-file ~/.ssh/your-ssh
-c path-to-your-knife-config

knife azure server create -I your-windows-sysprepped --azure-vm-size
Medium –winrm-user youruser --winrm-password ‘yourpassword’

other knife azure commands, etc.

The list of issues addressed in this knife-azure 1.1.4 release is given

KNIFE-407 knife azure should assume windows-chef-client-msi for
–distro parameter

KNIFE-406 knife azure image list should include image location in

KNIFE-405 Knife-azure server create leaks cloud services on
failure to create vm

KNIFE-404 knife azure server create fails if you specify 5985 for

KNIFE-403 Knife-azure should auto-generate the VM name

KNIFE-402 Knife-azure causes gem conflict with nokogiri 1.6

KNIFE-380 Encrypted data bag file configuration not detected when
bootstrapping Windows server

KNIFE-375 Bug in enhancement to clean up resources when
provisioning fails.

KNIFE-361 Delete underlying VHD blob image from Azure Storage by
default when deleting Virtual Machine

KNIFE-360 Add support for adding Virtual Machine to Availability
Set during provisioning

KNIFE-358 knife-azure tries to bootstrap too quickly

KNIFE-291 Support for Virtual Networks when creating a VM

*Gem testing note: Due to,
pre-release knife gems won’t be loaded by recent versions of Chef, hence
the bundler workaround given above. The ticket lists additional
workarounds. If your version of Chef is not affected by the bug (Chef
11.4.0 or earlier), you can test the release candidate through a normal gem
install since we have published the gem at CHEF-4696 has a
fix that’s being tested for a future release of Chef.

Thank you.