Knife-google 1.1.0 Release Announcement for GCE compute API changes


We’ve just released version 1.1.0 of knife-google, the knife plug-in for Google Compute Engine (GCE). If you are using an earlier version of knife-google, you must upgrade to this newly released version due to GCE API changes (KNIFE-356) that are incompatible with the previous plug-in. For those new to knife-google, please view the README at the GitHub link below; it contains important information on setting up credentials to access the API.

We send a big “thank you” to Paul Rossman at Google for this contribution!

Knife Google 1.1.0 on RubyGems and GitHub:

Issues addressed with the release of knife-google 1.1.0:

We appreciate your feedback, so if you find bugs, please file them against the knife-google component of the KNIFE project on http://tickets.opscode.com

Thank you.

Adam Edwards
Software Development Engineer, Opscode, Inc.