Knife-rackspace 0.5.6 released

I’m happy to announce we just pushed an updated version of the
knife-rackspace plugin.

One nifty new feature suggested by community member Jay Feldblum was a
fix that allows pulling in your Rackspace username/key from your Fog
credentials file. This can be accomplished by adding he following
lines to your knife.rb file:

require 'fog'
knife.merge! Fog.credentials

Here’s a list of tickets that were addressed with this release:

Release Notes - Knife Rackspace Plugin - Version 0.5.6

** Bug
* [KNIFE_RACKSPACE-3] - Username configuration directive for knife
rackspace reported incorrectly
* [KNIFE_RACKSPACE-9] - Fog Service Errors
* [KNIFE_RACKSPACE-11] - Error with Knife Rackspace Server List
using fog 0.8.2

** Improvement
* [KNIFE_RACKSPACE-1] - Improve knife rackspace server delete docs
* [KNIFE_RACKSPACE-5] - Fog.credentials Support


Opscode, Inc.
Seth Chisamore, Senior Technical Evangelist
IRC, Skype, Twitter, Github: schisamo