Knife-windows 0.5.14 Release Announcement

Ohai Chefs. We’ve release knife-windows 0.5.14 – you can gem install it
today on your knife workstation. Improvements include support for Windows
Server 2012 R2 bootstrap, fixes for blocking issues in ssh bootstrap of
Windows nodes, nested attributes for knife winrm, closer parity with knife
ssh command-line options, and improved retry / robustness / instrumentation
of Windows bootstrap.

We thank all of our contributors for their improvements to knife-windows
and therefore Chef. Additionally, we’d like to thank Jeppe Nejsum Madsen
for identifying the ssh-related blockers in this release, and for improving
all of our lives on Windows by contributing the fixes. Everyone, thank you!

knife-windows 0.5.14 on RubyGems and GitHub:

The specific list of issues addressed in this knife-windows 0.5.14 release
is given below:

KNIFE-401 Windows Bootstrap logs RSA Private Key

KNIFE-391 Knife-ec2 + Knife-windows fails to bootstrap Windows
2012 machine

KNIFE-371 knife-windows github page links to not accessible
ticket page

KNIFE-354 Knife-windows error on installing to Server 2012 R2 and
Windows 8.1

KNIFE-336 Add hint to set basic auth

KNIFE-325 Support no_proxy

KNIFE-323 Add travis and fix rubygems source

KNIFE-296 knife-windows overrides -x option with winrm-user

KNIFE-286 Windows bootstrap template does not render

KNIFE-285 Error during windows bootstrapping

KNIFE-276 winrm should support nested attributes

KNIFE-270 knife bootstrap ssh for a windows node fails when TEMP
directory has spaces

KNIFE-259 knife-windows should use "no UI" flag for msiexec

KNIFE-249 Bootstrap Windows Returns 404 on chef-client.msi
download (bad url in REMOTE_SOURCE_MSI_URL)

KNIFE-242 Add support to pass JSON attributes to 'knife bootstrap
windows winrm'

KNIFE-235 knife-windows winrm doesn't work -- returns no nodes
from search

KNIFE-232 knife winrm will errantly exclude all nodes

KNIFE-204 Add Support for ssh_gateway in knife-windows

KNIFE-29 Should be able to choose msi version


Software Development Engineer, Opscode, Inc.