Knife-windows 1.0.0.rc.0

After far too long, we’ve cut the release candidate for knife-windows
1.0.0. We could really use some help testing it. We’d like to get this out
soon and start releasing incremental updates thereafter.

We’re going to have a ChefDK Release Candidate soon that will include this,
but in the interim you can install it into ChefDK 0.6.0 by running “chef
gem install knife-windows --pre”

This release simplifies winrm authentication significantly. It will default
to using negotiate authentication, which only works from Windows
workstations. You still need to either enable ssl or use basic
authentication with AllowUnencrypted set to True when bootstrapping from
non-Windows workstations. You can now specify the winrm authentication
protocol with the --winrm-authentication-protocol option, whereas we had a
complicated mechanism based on the username in knife-windows 0.8.

Here’s a short list of some of the new features:

  • Simplified setting up a WinRM SSL endpoint with new sub-commands knife
    windows cert generate, knife windows cert install, and knife windows
    listener create.
  • Help diagnosing winrm endpoint issues with new knife wsman test
  • Support for validatorless bootstrapping
  • Install Chef Client as a Service on bootstrap
  • Specify an alternate (internal) MSI URL to use on bootstrap
  • Allow creation of Ohai hints on bootstrap

For a full list of changes, see these files:

Bryan McLellan | chef | engineering lead
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