Knife-windows 1.1.2 and winrm-s 0.3.2 released to rubygems

We have released knife-windows 1.1.2 to rubygems. The details are in the changelog. In short, this release fixes:

  • undefined method 'configure_proxy_environment_variables' during knife winrm and knife bootstrap windows winrm runs with the chef 12.6.0 client
  • Updating a chef vault during a knife bootstrap windows command where the vault was attempting to update before the client was created

Also winrm-s 0.3.2 has been released as well fixing:

  • UTF-8 encoding errors during test-kitchen runs against Windows 2008R2/Win7
  • General winrm transport errors being hidden by invalid byte sequence errors

These will be shipped in the next ChefDK release but are available now on rubygems.


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