Looking for part-time chef/dev-ops consulting

in the range of 10-20 hrs per week for 2 months minimum.

We are a quickly growing medical informatics company in the diabetes space. We’ve been using chef both to deploy and maintain OSX kiosks as well as our server infrastructure. We are looking to enhance and accelerate the scale of these systems and, well, we need an extra pair of hands!

While this is a straight-up consulting gig, we are interested in building a longer-term relationship, whether that means ongoing consulting work or moving to a full-time position. We have many projects going on at any given time, ranging from hardware/software/ee work, to client applications for all the major computer platforms, as well as running rapidly growing (big-) data infrastructure. If you are a curious sort and have broad interests, please reach out to us.

We’re based in Portland, OR, and while someone local is preferred, it is definitely not a requirement.

Thanks for your time!

Adam Greene
SweetSpot – Diabetes Management, Simplified